December 30, 2016

In Mexico, we have a very peculiar tradition and that happens to be my one favorite rituals this season: when the clock strikes midnight, we receive the New Year by eating ‘the twelve grapes’ that are said to bring us luck and grant us wishes. So, that got me thinking… What would be my twelve style wishes for this new year?

December 23, 2016


With the holiday parties approaching you’ve probably begun the hectic race to get your outfit ready—the perfect dress, the shoes, the jewelry… you’re almost there. Then you rush to Youtube in the lookout for the makeup tutorial that will get you to the finish line… but wait! Don’t cross that line before you’ve dressed your nails!

In the rise of the manicure as more of an accessory and the final accent for any outfit, here are some easily attainable nail looks for the holiday season.

Español después del salto.